Live Show

Watch YouTubers and spectacular live acts on stage!

We have an exciting line up of world class YouTubers at this years show. Learn about how they create the amazing content you view every day.

The stage is also set for spectacular live acts and shows and YOU can participate in fun family games!

All YouTubers will appear on both Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November. For further details regarding photo/autograph opportunities with YouTubers, please visit our FAQ’s.

Watch YouTubers and spectacular live acts on stage!

We had an amazing line up of world class YouTubers in 2017.

2018 will see spectacular live acts, shows and YouTubers again! More details coming soon!


Original Minecraft legend iBallisticSquid is back by popular demand! Squid doesn’t do many events at all so if you want to meet the main man, book your tickets now! Squiddy is back to meet his fans, showcase his latest merch and have a general wander around the show.

We’re also going to see if we can persuade him on to the stage for a game of Fortnite with some of his lucky fans, keep an eye on our socials for updates.


If you haven’t heard of Morzgthen you’re showing your age! He is the most subscribed 16 year old on YouTube and he’s coming to the Digital Kids Show!
Morgz has one of the fastest growing channels and it’s no surprise, the pranks he plays on his mum and girlfriend have us in stitches.If you love a bit of Fortnite, then you can watch him playing in all sorts of weird and whacky places on his channel!
Morgz will be meeting fans from his own booth and you can also grab some of his awesome merch over the weekend.


BigBStatz was a huge hit on our mainstage last year and he’s back to share his love of gaming with his fans. If you loveFortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Pixel Gun 3D, then be sure to check out his channel and more importantly get his inside tips on how to achieve your highest score!

BigB will be playing games on the main stage and meeting his fans throughout the two days.

Marz Bar

Tech loving guru Marzbar aka Alex loves all things tech and gaming. Alex doesn’t just have one YT channel he has three! He vlogs daily on MarzBar Vlogs, you can see all things tech on TechFlow and then we have the main MarzBar channel. If there was ever a perfect addition to the line-up, it is Alex! Fans can meet Alex, buy his merch and find out what his latest tech recommendations are over the weekend.

Amy Lee

DKS just wouldn’t be the same without Amy Lee and we’re delighted to welcome her back for our third show. Amy Lee fans will be pleased to hear she’s going to have her own meet and greet area where you can give her a high five or a hug, chat about her books and get to know her better.

The Wizard

If there’s anything new and exciting happening in Minecraft, The Wizard is the first person to know about it. Wizard, aka Adam Clarke is a Minecraft artist and digital producer, responsible for some of most innovative Minecraft projects happening at this time. He has worked in collaboration with Tate Britain, Artichoke Trust, The Space, Guardian Newspapers, United for Wildlife, Disney and many more global organisations and artists. He also stars as Wizard Keen, alongside YouTube’s most famous cat, Stampy, in the online Minecraft show Wonder Quest.

The Wizard has an extra special show planned for the main stage and he will be meeting fans over the weekend.

Top Secret

Keep your eyes out… Top Secret acts coming soon…

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